Before you share your story... let's tell you ours...

We are a portrait photographer duo in the Central Texas area, both aspiring to capture your moments as they happen. We would say we thrive on the genuine moments that make you laugh until your stomach hurts when you're grinning ear to ear, and when the most authentic version of you comes out.

Don't worry about messy hair, stains on the shirt, or small blemishes, it's our job to make sure you look good but also make you feel good during our sessions! We aim to make you as comfortable as possible, laugh as much as you can, and be the happiest you can be in our short time of meeting!

So thanks for getting to know us and what we do, now let's get to know you!

Meet the main gal

Hey, I'm Elizabeth (Liz)

I'm 23 and have been an advocate for capturing every moment of people's lives for generations to remember us by.

I am a self-taught portrait photographer who picked up my first camera from my grandfather who immigrated here from Vietnam. He was an avid collector of film cameras and through him, I've earned my interest in camera work.

Located in the North Austin and DFW area, I expand my services to all those in need of making a memory. Specializing in both a documentary and candid style.

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Meet the mom

Hi, I'm Elayna

I'm a 23-year-old photographer from Texas and was raised in Hawaii. I'm currently immersed in the joys of motherhood, having welcomed my baby boy in December 2022.

My passion for photography ignited early on with my mother's Nikon, and it flourished during high school through journalism and yearbook activities. I thrive on capturing unique and unforgettable moments, and I'm excited to turn your special occasions into lasting memories!

Located in the Kileen and North Austin areas.

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Meet the Videographer

Hey, I'm Jacob

I’m 23 years of age and on top of being the Full-Time Gay Best Friend, I’m also a Videographer / Audio Technician.

As for my story, it's a fairly simple one. I’m not sure if It was something I was born with it or not, but there was always an Ember that craved creation. So it was only a matter of time really until I found, well you know, a camera!

Which would end up being my gateway to a beautiful new world full of opportunity, and I’ve never looked back.

Located in the Central Austin Area.

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